apresvie (apresvie) wrote,

Fallout Xpress Fanbook: Heroes, Villains and Minions

Rule 4e - Heroes, Villains, Minions and Damage

Xpress is a deadly game and Fallout is a deadly world. To reflect that but to allow heroes and villains to be 'proper scary' the following damage rules are used.

Heroes and Villains (think of them as 'bosses') may subtract their Endurance score from any incoming damage that they take. This is called 'Damage reduction' and may be modified by other factors. If this zeroes the damage then they still take one box of non-lethal damage. If _armour_ fully negates damage, then they take none.

Minions do NOT subract their Endurance score from incoming damage.
Tags: fallout, fanboy
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